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Vacuuming Your Pool


To keep your pool clean it will be necessary to vacuum the pool floor to remove dirt and debris. When vacuuming you are using your pool pump with vacuum attached to skimmer to pull dirt and debris from the pool floor to be trapped inside of your filter-returning the water back to the pool. You should vacuum your pool on a regular basis, generally once a week- or as needed.

Your manual vacuum consists of a vacuum head, vacuum hose, telescopic pole. The Vacuum head attaches to the telescopic pole, the hose slips onto the vacuum head on one end- (if you have a swivel end on your hose attach the swivel cuff end to the vacuum head) the other hose end will slip directly into the suction opening in the skimmer- follow the steps below before attaching the vacuum hose in the skimmer.

Before vacuuming you should:

Check the water level- should be at the ½ way point of skimmer opening. A lower water level could cause the pump to loose prime while vacuuming.

Check the skimmer basket- empty if needed. You will need to remove the skimmer basket in order to connect the vacuum hose to the suction opening.

Check the pump strainer basket-clean if necessary.

Check the filter pressure- backwash if necessary.

A. Assemble vacuum system on deck by attaching the telescoping pole to vacuum head and uncoiling and stretching the vacuum hose out.
B. Attach swivel end of vacuum hose to the vacuum head.
C. Prepare “near” skimmer to attach vacuum to and clean basket of debris.
D. Turn “on” main pump.
E. Close 3-way valves to main drain (Pool Only) or close 2-way to main drain (Pool with Spa).
F. Close 2-way valve to “far” skimmer.
G. Place vacuum head, pole, and hose into pool water next to “near” selected skimmer.
H. Submerge vacuum slowly, vertically forcing hose into pool, which helps fill hose with water, until entire hose is in the water and water comes out of the hose or hold the free end of hose in front of the return wall fitting to purge the hose of any air and fill with water. When you no longer see any air bubbles coming from the vacuum head the hose is primed. Hold the hose underwater to maintain the prime while connecting to the skimmer. The hose can usually fit through the front of the skimmer opening where you can insert into suction opening.
I. Begin to vacuum by moving vacuum across walls and floor.
J. When finished, open valves to far skimmer and main drain.
K. Remove vacuum hose and adapter from skimmer.
L. Remove vacuum hose, head, and pole from pool.
M. Clean all skimmer baskets and pump strainer basket.
N. Check filter pressure gauge: backwash if needed.

You are ready to vacuum:
Move the vacuum head slowly and gently to thoroughly clean your pool and not “stir” up debris. It is normal for the pressure reading on your filter’s gauge to drop while vacuuming- as the water flow is being restricted through the vacuum head and hose. You should not, however, notice a decrease in the return flow. If while vacuuming the suction decreases check the strainer baskets (in skimmer and pump) and empty if necessary. If the baskets are clean and suction is still diminished the filter may need cleaned or backwashed- you will notice a decrease in the return flow at this time. When vacuuming large amounts of dirt or debris it may be necessary to clean or backwash during the vacuuming process.

During spring clean up, after an algae problem or heavy dirt/debris you may want to consider vacuuming to waste. If your filter type allows for this option the water being vacuumed from the pool would be discharged through a waste or backwash line out of the pool vs. circulating through the filter. You will loose a considerable amount of water doing this.