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Routine Pool Maintenance


Keeping your pool physically clean is as important as the regular addition of chemicals. Debris
in the pool is unsightly, increases sanitizer demand and may cause staining of the pool. During the swimming season, thoroughly clean your pool at least once a week. To ensure proper circulation and filtration you should run your system a minimum of 6 -12 hours per day.

1. Maintain proper water level-2/3 on skimmer opening (you can lose up to 3” of water per week through evaporation, splash outs and back-washing.)

2. Skim pool surface with leaf skimmer daily.

3. Brush walls and floor with proper brush weekly, this will reduce your vacuuming time.

4. Remove dirt ring from waterline with tile cleaner weekly.

5. Clean out skimmer basket.

6. Clean out hair and lint basket.

7. Check filter pressure and backwash as needed- when pressure gauge raises 10 psi above starting pressure. See your filter operating manual on for details.

8. Keep deck area clean near pool.

9. Check hoses and equipment and replace when needed.

10. Vacuum pool weekly or as needed. See Vacuuming for complete instructions.

11.Test your pool water using your test strips or liquid test kit 2-3 times per week and follow a regular chemical treatment program.