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Backwash Operation

BACKWASH VALVE OPERATION 1. FILTER POSITION- This is the process by which the water from the pool passes through the filter tank. As the water trickles down through the media, the dirt and debris are trapped by the media, thus filtering the water. The filter should be operated a minimum of 8 to 12 hours a day. 2. BACKWASH POSITION- This process is used to clean the debris that has accumulated, out of the media. The water is essentially moving in a reverse fashion. 3. POOL OR SPA BOOST- Water is passed from the skimmer to the pump and then up to the valve; however, instead of passing through the filter, it passes through the valve head and then back into the pool. Re-circulate is used to circulate chemicals without filtering; this will simply circulate the water throughout the pool. WASTE POSITION- this function is used when one desires to draw water or vacuum debris from the pool directly onto the ground (bypassing the tank). For example, if there is a lot of debris accumulated on the floor of the pool, one would use this process to vacuum it from the pool onto the ground; bypassing the filter tank. BACKWASHING When the return flow diminishes and your filter pressure gauge reads 8-10 psi higher than the normal starting pressure it is time to backwash. a. Shut off the pump. b. Set Filter Control Valve to BACKWASH. c. Start Pump and backwash approximately two minutes, or until water out waste line appears clean. d. Shut off pump e. repeat steps “a - d” two (2) consecutive times f. Set Filter control valve to FILTER. g. Add fresh D.E. SP-740DE Valve Manual http://www.haywardnet.com/products/Manuals/pdfs/Manual259.pdf   TO CHARGE FILTER WITH D.E.: The internal filter elements must be properly coated with D.E. to filter correctly. Too much or too little D.E. can inhibit filtering ability. The DE scoop provided by GOLD MEDAL POOLS is what you should use to administer DE, or a one pound coffee can is an excellent measuring device for adding D.E. to your filter in proper amounts. After properly backwashing your filter, you should “charge” or “precoat” your filter. To charge filter with D.E., be sure backwash valve is in filter position, with pump running, add 12 X 1 lb. coffee can size container directly to skimmer closest to filtration system. Add the exact amount of D.E. slowly, one container at a time. The D.E. will be drawn into the filter, coating the elements. Your filter is now operating correctly, until pressure builds from dirt accumulation, and backwashing is required again. D.E. 60 REQUIRES 7.5 LBS. ( 6 - ORANGE D.E. SCOOPS) ______________________________________________ SEPARATION TANK ( if applicable ) TO BACKWASH FILTER WITH SEPARATION TANK: Turn pump off Rotate backwash valve to backwash position Turn pump on and open air relief valve on separation tank lid until air is expelled When water in sight glass is clear, turn pump off Return backwash valve to filter position Open drain valve and air relief valve on separation tank to allow water to drain After draining, open lid clamp, remove lid and dirty bag. Empty waste in trash & rinse bag clean Replace bag, o-ring, lid, and clamp Open drain valve and close return valve Air relief valve should remain open at all times unless backwashing To add D.E. see instructions on “To charge filter with D.E.”