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7. Your Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter


Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters consist of a tank that contains 1 or more pleated elements or cartridges where dirt and debris of 25-100 microns in size are trapped within the pleats.


Filtration starts as soon as flow is steady through the filter. As the filter removes dirt

from the pool water, the accumulated dirt causes a resistance to flow. As a result, the

gauge pressure will rise and the flow will decrease. When the pressure rises 7-10 psi

above the starting pressure, or when the flow decreases below the desired rate, clean

or replace the filter cartridge elements.


Once your filter is running and there is a pressure reading, line up the green arrow with

the current reading. (See Fig 3) When the pressure rises to or above the red or second

arrow, it is time to clean your filter. The cartridge element should generally be replaced

every 2 to 3 seasons (or when cleaning no longer allows adequate flow and reduced




Cartridge filters do not require backwashing but the cartridge element itself is removed

and cleaned, generally every 3 months or as needed. When the pressure gauge rises 8

to 10 psi above the “normal” or starting reading you should follow the steps to remove

and clean the cartridge element or follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided with

your filter.



The Cartridge filter element can be cleaned by washing inside and outside with a

garden hose. After hosing cartridge, for best results, carefully brush the pleated surface

to remove fine particles. Do not pressure wash as it can damage the filter element.

You may find some debris on the cartridge pleats, which may not have been removed

with hosing.