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6. Your Swimming Pool Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Separation Tank!


Separation Tank
Designed for D.E. filters with up to 80 square feet of filtration area, D.E. separation tanks are ideal for water conservation and savings during backwashing by returning chemically treated backwash water to the pool. D.E. separation tank hold up to 10 lbs. of used D.E. filter powder and compliment both new and existing vertical grid D.E. filter installations.
 Unscrew locking knob (counter clockwise direction). 
 Carefully lift off top cover to gain access to bag. 
 Lift out bag and properly dispose of accumulated dirty D.E. into a waste container, Rinse bag.
Carefully re-install bag in separation tank assuring that the bag assembly sits securely on the collector hub in the bottom of the separation tank body.
 Rinse off cover and O-ring to insure a reliable sealing surface. Place cover on separation tank body. 
 Tighten locking knob in clockwise direction (hand tight only). 
 Install and tighten drain plug and close air relief valve.
To charge filter with D.E., be sure backwash valve is in filter position, with pump running, 
add D.E. directly to skimmer closest to filtration system.  Add the exact amount of D.E. slowly, one container at a time.  The D.E. will be drawn into the filter, coating the elements. 
Once you have the DE powder in the filter, open the manual air relief valve on top of the filter. Once all of the air is released through the manual air relief valve and only water flows out close it. 
Your filter is now operating correctly, until pressure builds from dirt accumulation, and backwashing is required again.